SGIA programs prepare students for successful careers in both the public and private sectors and equip them with the skills and motivation necessary to become successful entrepreneurs. Aside from setting up their own businesses, SGIA alumni have so far taken up positions in national and local government, including diplomatic service, non-governmental organizations, and transnational corporations. They have also moved on to pursue graduate degrees in a variety of areas — from international relations to public policy and from law to finance — at the world’s leading universities in Europe, North America, and Asia.

What gives our students an edge over competitors holding similar degrees in political science, international affairs, or government is the exposure of our students to Russia, its language, culture, and politics. Such knowledge, skills, and other assets, including proficiency in Russian and a vast network coupled with world-class training in social sciences and humanities, make SGIA alumni exceptional candidates for prestigious jobs and positions in graduate programs globally. 

The School has dedicated careers advisors to support our students during their study. We organize career events to bring relevant employers and students together and maintain a network of support among alumni and current students of the University.
Students have access to the MGIMO Careers Center that provides advice not only on achieving their career goals upon graduation, but also on placing MGIMO students in internships during Years 3 and 4. The Center allows relevant organizations directly to target students for recruitment.