Maria Apanovich

Apanovich Maria

Maria Y. Apanovich graduated from MGIMO University (School of Political Sciences) in 2007. In 2009 graduated from the Double-diploma Master programme «International Relations» MGIMO, Moscow — Free University Berlin, Humbolt University and University of Potsdam. Thesis topic «Migration as a challenge for the European security in the 21st century». In 2013 she defended a Candidate of Science dissertation in Political Sciences, topic «Political aspects of migration process» (adaptation of the migrants, case of Germany and Switzerland).

Maria Apanovich has been teaching at MGIMO since 2013, she is a lecturer at the Department of Demography and Migration Policy since 2017.

Her research interests include Migration and Integration of the Migrants, High-qualified migration and Education.
Her recent publications are: Migration policy of Russia in the conditions of the international political realities / Current problems of the international relations and foreign policy in the 21st century: The monograph / Under the editorship of T.V. Kashirina and V.A. Avatkov — M.: Publishing and trade corporation «Dashkov and To», 2017 — 411 pages, C174-183.; The problem field of modern openness of movement of highly qualified specialists / Theories and a problem of political researches, No. 3, 2016, with 226-242; Educational migration in Russia: development points//Messenger of science and education. — 2015. — No. 9. — Page 79-82.