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Artamonov Nikita

Artamonov Nikita

Head of the department of Econometrics and Mathematical methods in Economics (since 2008), Ph.D. in Mathematics (Lomonosov Moscow State University), Associate professor.

Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, diploma cum laude), Ph.D. at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Recent publications and research projects:

  1. Estimate of the Decay Exponent of an Operator Semigroup Associated with a Second-Order Linear Differential Equation, Mathematical Notes, 2012, Vol. 91, No. 5, pp. 731–734.

  2. Exponential Decay of Semigroups for Second-order Non-selfadjoint Linear Differential Equations, Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, 2012, Vol. 220, pp. 1-10.

  3. Introduction to Econometrics, Moscow, MCCME, 2011.

  4. "Practice of Econometrics"4. , co-authored. Published by MGIMO-University, 2010.

  5. Grant of Russian Fondation of Basic Research, project No 11-01-00790.

Attended conferences:

  1. International Congress of Mathematicians 2010, Hayderabad, India.
  2. International workshop on operator theory and applications 2011, University of Sevilla.
  3. International workshop on operator theory and applications 2010, Techische Universitat Berlin.
  4. International workshop on operator theory and applications 2009, CINESTAV, Mexico.

Quantitative Methods in Economics