Nikolay Biryukov

Biryukov Nikolay

Graduate: Moscow State Institute for International Relations (1967-1972)
Postgraduate: Department of Philosophy, Moscow State Institute for International Relations (1974-1977)
Degree: Candidate of Philosophical Sciences (? PhD) from the Institute for Sociological Research, USSR Academy of Sciences (1983)

Principal Publications:
In Russian:
Stanovlenie institutov predstavitel’noy vlasti v sovremennoy Rossii [The Making of Representative Institutions in Contemporary Russia] (with V. Sergeyev), Moscow: Izdatel’skiy servis, 2004. – 543 p.
Osnovy filosofii: Multimediynoe uchebnoe posobie[Fundamentals of Philosophy: Multimedia Manual], Moscow: MGIMO, 2008. – 252 p.
In English:
Russia’s Road to Democracy: Parliament, Communism and Traditional Culture (with V. Sergeyev), Aldershot et al.: Edward Elgar, 1993. – xi + 227 p.
Russian Politics in Transition: Institutional Conflict in a Nascent Democracy (with V. Sergeyev), Aldershot et al.: Ashgate, 1997. – xi + 329 p.