Francesco Forte

Forte Francesco

Consul General

Born in Brindisi, on 12 June 1971, Francesco Forte graduated from classical school in 1990; he graduated from the University of Trieste in international and diplomatic sciences, in 1997; he received a 2nd level Master’s Degree in Public Procurement Management in 2013.

He joined the Italian Diplomatic Career in 1998, with Economic and Trade specialization. Since then, Francesco Forte has served in the Directorate General of Economic Affairs; the Directorate General for the Americas; he has been Deputy Head of the Office of the Undersecretary of State; he served in the Italian Embassy in Washington (2002-2006) and as Deputy Consul General in Jerusalem (2006-2010). Back in Italy, he was appointed Head of the MENA Office in the Directorate General for Development Cooperation (2010-2013). He served in the Italian Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels (2013-2017) and from 25 September 2017 he is Consul General in Moscow.
Francesco Forte was promoted to the rank of 1st Counselor on 2 July 2013. He is a Knight of the Order of Merit of the Republic.

He is a passionate reader of Philosophy, literature, Middle Age History and Poetry. He currently holds reading of Dante’s spanina Commedia in Dom Literatorov in Moscow and has had several cultural and academic activities throughout his career so far.

spanorced, he has 2 children aged 17 and 11.

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