Natalia Galistcheva

Galistcheva Natalia

Mrs. Natalia V.Galistcheva graduated from MGIMO — University (Faculty of International Economic Relations) in 1996. During 1999 — 2001 she did her postgraduate study in MGIMO — University (Department of World Economy). In 2001 she defended Ph.D. thesis (in Economics) on «The Indian Tax System during Liberal Economic Reforms». In 2013 she defended Doctor of science thesis (in Economics) on «The Indian External Economic Policy during Liberal Economic Reforms».

Mrs. Natalia V.Galistcheva has been working at the World Economy Department (MGIMO) since 2001. Since October 2016 she is Head of World Economy Department (MGIMO).

In 1996-1999 Mrs. Natalia V.Galistcheva worked at The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in India (Mumbai) and 2004-2007 — at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bangladesh (Dhaka).
The sphere of scientific interests of Mrs. Natalia V.Galistcheva are the Economy of the South Asian Countries and the World Economy, its problems and trends.
Her numerous publications on the economy of India and South Asian countries (more than 60 publications) are useful source of knowledge for students and post-graduates. The latest ones are India in the world economy at the turn of the century: international economic ties and external economic policy (Moscow, Buki Vedi, 2013); Perspectives of the Economic Development of South Asia (International Trends. — 2015. — №3(42)); The East-Asian Vector of the Indian External Policy: Priorities in the South-East Asia. (Vestnik RUDN. — 2016. — Volume 16. — №4).

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