Anton Gumenskiy

Gumenskiy Anton

Anton Gumenskiy, researcher and lecturer in communication and media theory, media anthropology, international communications, corporate culture and communications, cross-cultural communications.

Graduated from School of Public Relations, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) in 2000. Spent three years in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation, contributing to the bilateral cooperation and managing media relations. Upon return to Moscow have been working in corporate affairs and in marketing at private sector for few years. Switched to an academic career in 2007. Since then making research, teaching students and training executives in disciplines related to media, communication, and culture. Currently affiliated to the MGIMO University, the Moscow State University, and the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. Participates in international conferences on media, Internet, international relations, social development (Republic of Korea, 2015, USA, 2015, Kazakhstan, 2015, Georgia, 2015, Sweden, 2014, etc.). The spheres of the scientific curiosity are communication and media studies, edia anthropology, and cross-cultural communications.

Recent publications:
A Family Portrait with Strangers. March 2016
Trolls on the March. February 2016
Transparency Illusion. August 2014
By the Law of Jungle. July 2014
You do not exist, if You are not on TV. June 2013
The Mission of the Involved Ones. Internet Era: from Text to Hypertext. Feb. 2013
International Information Governance. in Bogaturov, Aleksey (Ed.) Russia’s International Relations in the New Political Spaces. Space. Polar Circle. Air and Sea Spaces. Global information environment. Moscow: Lenand, 2011
Politics in the Global Information Space. in Baranovskiy, V., Bogaturov, A. (Ed.) Contemporary Global Issues. Moscow: Aspekt-Press, 2010.
International Information Governance. International trends. Volume 8. January-April 2010
Internet and Order. Steering but not Rowing. International trends. Volume 7. January-April 2009

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