Elena Kremyanskaya

Kremyanskaya Elena

Associate Professor of the Constitutional Law Chair, MGIMO, Phd in Law.

Graduate from MGIMO, Elena made her PhD in the same University. Alumni of the Hague International Law Academy, awarded internship in National School of Administration, France (2013)


  • Constitutional Law of Russia;
  • Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries;
  • Comparative Constitutional Law (in English)
  • Comparative Financial Law (in English);
  • Compliance: Risk Management in the Modern Company.

Member of Advisory Board of the Council of the Federation Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Legal and Judicial Affairs and Civil Society Development.

In the scope of Dr. Kremyanskaya scientific interests are issues of state development, human rights, lobbying, compliance, economic sanctions. Specializes on Constitutional law of North American countries and Russia. Admitted for legal practice in Russia.
Elena A. Kremyanskaya has numerous publications in different Russian and foreign legal magazines, author and co-author of legal study books. Speaks Russian, English.

List of selected recent publications (in English):

  • Constitutional Basics of the Parliamentary Activity in the Russian Federation. Pravo i Upravlenie XXI Vek" («Law and Governance XXI Century») Magazine, 2016 #4.
  • Elena A. Kremyanskaya, Tamara O. Kuznetsova, Inna A. Rakitskaya. Russian Constitutional Law. / Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014.
  • A Short Note on the Development of the Criminal Justice System after the Accession of the Crimea and Sevastopol to the Russian Federation. New Journal of European Criminal Law. Antwerpen 2014 #2.

Russian Constitutional Law and Comparative Constitutional Law
Financial Law