Elena Lioznova

Lioznova Elena

Elena S. Lioznova is currently working as a Senior lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, the Department of Area Studies. And since September 2015 she has been teaching Russian History at MGIMO School of Government and International Affairs.

In 2004 she graduated with regards from Lomonosov Moscow State University, History Faculty, the Department of Modern and Contemporary History. In 2012 she got PhD in History. The thesis: «Ideological controversies in New England Puritanism at the end of the 17th and the first quarter of the 18th centuries». In 2016 Elena was awarded for achievements in teaching and methodological work.

The main spheres of experience and scientific interest: Russian History, US History and Culture, the History of the US-Russian relations. Elena is a member of European Early American Studies Association (EEASA) and Russian Society of American Culture Studies (RSACS).

Selected publications:

  • Volkova E.S. Eating Habits in Colonial New England as a factor of National Identity // II International Symposium: History of Food and Eating Habits. Vol. 2. M. 2016. P. 137-142.
  • Volkova E.S. «We and the Other» in the history of American Puritanism // Russia and the West: the Dialogue of Cultures. №8, 2015. URL: http://regionalstudies.ru/journal/homejornal/rubric/2012-11-02-22-13-36/368---q-l—r----q.html
  • Volkova E.S. Anglican and Puritan churches in colonial New England at the end of the 17th and the beginning of 18th centuries: struggle for spiritual monopoly // Contemporary problems of Religious studies. M. 2014. P. 108-118.
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  • Volkova E.S., Khruleva I.Y. Reason and belief: the views of Cotton Mather on the relations between science and religion // Bulletin of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.№ 2, 2012. P. 35-45.
  • Volkova E. Ideological Struggle in Terms of Financial and Economic Development of the Colony of Massachusetts in the First Quarter of the 18th Century // Bulletin of Moscow University. Series 8. History. 2012. № 2. P. 68-79.

World and Russian History