Alexander Nikitin

Nikitin Alexander

Director of the MGIMO Center for Euro-Atlantic Security,
Professor of the Political Sciences Department in
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Principal Researcher, Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Russian Academy of Sciences,
Director of the Center for Political and International Studies,
President Emeritus of the Russian Political Science Association (RPSA) and Chairman of the RPSA International Cooperation Council
Moscow, Russia.

Prof. Nikitin has experience of research and scientific work for 32 years. Born in 1958, graduated from the Moscow State University in 1979. Postgraduate studies and Ph.D. (History of International Relations) in 1983 from the USA and Canada Studies Institute of the Academy of Sciences. Second dissertation (Doctor of Sciences in International Relations) in 2000.
Research work for 10 years (1979-1989) in the USA and Canada Studies Institute (Section Head), then for 28 more years in MGIMO.
Worked in the Russian Permanent Mission to the United Nations (New York, USA).
Since 1989 till now Dr. Nikitin teaches in the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Professor of the Department of Political Sciences), as well as at the Moscow State Ujiversity and Higher School of Economics.

For 13 years since 2004 — Director of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Security at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Center specializes in research in the spheres of international security and international relations.

For 28 years since 1989 till present time — Director of the Center for Political and International Studies — non-governmental research institution involved in analytical work, publishing, organization of conferences and research projects.

International Research Fellowship in the NATO Defense College (NDC) in Rome (Italy). delivered lecture courses in several American universities, NDC (Rome), Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP), worked in New York, London, Rome, Paris, Moscow.

Elected member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences.

Elected President of the Russian Political Science Association (2004-2008, 1100 members), since 2008 — elected President Emeritus of the Association.
Executive Board member of the Russian Academy of Political Sciences.

Vice-Chairman of the Russian Pugwash Committee of Scientists for International Security and Disarmament, elected member of the International Pugwash Council for 20 years.

Since 2004 — member of the Scientific-Expert Council of the Organization for Collective Security Treaty.
Since 2013 — member of the Scientific Board of the Security Council of Russia.

Since 2005 till 2012 — official external expert of the United Nations, nominated by the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights.

Prof. Nikitin directed several institutions, as well as chaired several international expert groups. Prof. Nikitin initiated and authored Model Law on «Parliamentary Control over State Military Organization» which was adopted by the CIS Inter-parliamentary Assembly in 2001, Model law «On Participation of a State in Peace Support Operations», adopted in 2004, and Model law «On Counter-Acting Mercenarism», adopted in 2005. He is key elaborator of the Draft United Nations Convention on Regulating Private Military and Security Companies that he introduced to the UN General assembly in 2012 and that was circulated to the MFAs of 193 countries for further negotiations.

Prof. Nikitin organized more than 50 international scientific and academic projects, conferences and workshops, in Russia as well as abroad. He served as coordinator of several multi-national research projects, including the project on Overview of civil-military relations in the CIS, the project on Comparison of CIS peace-keeping operations with UN peace-keeping, and others.

Prof.Nikitin is the author of seven monographs, chief editor and principal author of 11 collective monographs and author of more than 130 articles and chapters in academic periodicals, journals and books published in Russian, English, French, Korean, Punjab, Spanish, German languages. Prof. Nikitin is an Editor-in-Chief of the collective monographs published in English in Oxford, New York, London, Amsterdam: «Nuclear Doctrines and Strategies» (2009), «Lessons to Be Learned from Non-Proliferation Failures and Successes» (2010), «Tuning Priorities in Nuclear Arms Control and Non-Proliferation» (2009), «International Conflicts: Intervention, Peacekeeping, Settlement» (2017).

Prof. Alexander Nikitin specializes in the following areas:
«International Security», «Conflicts in Eurasia», «Joint Crises response», «Peace Operations of International Organizations», «Private Sector in the Field of Security», «Nuclear Policies», «Nuclear Non-Proliferation» and others.

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