Yulia Nikitina

Nikitina Yulia

Associate Professor of World Politics and Research Fellow at the Center for the Post-Soviet Studies at the Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO). She is a specialist of security politics in Eurasia with a focus on regional organizations (Collective Security Treaty Organization, Shanghai Cooperation Organization) and also of Russian approaches to conflict-settlement in Eurasia and beyond. She is the author of the textbook «Introduction in International Relations and World Politics» (in Russian, 4 editions: 2009, 2012, 2014, 2017). In her capacity of a research fellow, she writes analytical reports for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2004.

Her recent publications include:

  • Nikitina Y. Russia’s Conflict Settlement and Mediation Strategies: Probing the Influence of National Development / Yulia Nikitina // Russia’s Approach to Arms Control, Peace Mediation and National Dialogues. Edited by Perrti Joenniemi. TAPRI Studies in Peace and Conflict Research: 102. — Tampere, 2015. — P. 77-108.
  • Nikitina Y. Is it all about values? spanerging perceptions of security as reason for NATO-Russia crisis / Yulia Nikitina // UA: Ukraine Analytica, 1 (1), 2015. — PP. 15-23.
  • Nikitina Y. Measuring the Efficiency of Regional Organizations in Eurasia / Yulia Nikitina // Russian Politics and Law, Volume 54, Issue 5-6, 2016. — PP. 477-493.

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Introduction to International Affairs and Govrenance
Introduction to International Relations and World Politics