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Oleynov Anton

Oleynov Anton

Doctor of Science in Economics (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia) and Professor at the Department of World Economy of the School of International Relations at MGIMO University.

For more than 15 years Prof. Oleynov has taught World Economic Issues, as well as World Energy Issues, and both introductory and intermediate levels of Economics of Politics (Public Choice Theory) and Economics of International Relations (International Economics and International Political Economy) in MGIMO-University, Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

In recent years Prof. Oleynov participated in development of new educational programs (Bachelor’s Degree Program «International relations: politics, economy, business», The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia, 2010 (Author of Program Conception); Special Master’s Degree Program «Management in the Sphere of Military Cooperation and High Technology» for The Russian Technologies State Corporation, MGIMO, Russia, 2008 (Member of Development Team); Bachelor’s Degree Program «Economic Political Science», MGIMO, Russia, 2007-2008 (Head of Development Team) and others); was a Program Coordinator of Internationa Education Programs (Program in Science, Technology and International Relations, MGIMO — The Neil D. Levin Institute, SUNY, USA, in 2006 and Program in International Relations, MGIMO — Università degli Studi di Messina (UNIME), Italy in 2005-2006); was a member of research teams in research projects financed by Russian Government («The Export of Capital from Russia and the Ways of its Government» and «Methodological Guidelines for the Implementation of PPP Projects in the Russian Federation by Sector (social infrastructure, transport infrastructure, municipal infrastructure)».

Today Prof. Oleynov research interests include International Economics and International Political Economy. Also he has publications in the areas of Economics and World Energy. Prof. Oleynov is author and co-author of a number of monographs («Economic Analysis of International Relations: Theory and Methodology», Kaliningrad: I. Kant Baltic Federal University, 2011; «Leadership and Competition in World System: Russia and USA», Bogaturov A. and T. Shakleina (eds.), Moscow: URSS, 2009; «World Energy: Trends and Perspectives in the Beginning of XXI Century», Moscow: Aspect-Press, 2008 and others) and textbooks ( («Contemporary International Relations», Torkunov A, Malgin A. (eds.), Moscow: Aspect-Press, 2017; «Introduction to Economic Analysis of Political Processes», Moscow: Aspect-Press, 2015; «World Energy Complex», Moscow: NAVONA, 2008 and others).

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