Petr Oskolkov

Oskolkov Petr

PhD in Political Science, BA & MA in Area Studies (MGIMO University)

Lecturer at the Department of Comparative Politics (MGIMO University), senior lecturer at the Department of Regional Aspects of World Politics (Lomonosov Moscow State University), researcher at the Department for European Integration Studies (Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences).

Member of Russian Political Studies Association, deputy chair of the East European Association for Benelux Studies (DOEN).

Research interests: ethnopolitical studies, party studies, political sociology, nationalism, federalism, political systems of the Baltics, Benelux countries, and of Post-Soviet states.

Authored and co-authored a number of research articles in Russian and foreign academic journals on the issues of right-wing populism, minority nationalism, Russian and Belgian federalism. Co-authored a monograph «Merger of Russian Federation Regions», coursebooks «Comparative Politics» and «Complex Area Studies in Education».