Tim Potier

Potier Tim

Member of the International Law Department at MGIMO.

Tim Potier has very broad expertise in the field of Law. Apart from over 20 years’ experience teaching and researching Public International Law, he is also an acknowledged expert on Roman Law and Jurisprudence. To date, he has mainly written on post-conflict settlement from a constitutional and international law perspective. He is currently writing a very long textbook on Roman Law. He also has special interest in the theory of the Early Church Fathers of the Roman Catholic Church. Tim Potier is originally from the United Kingdom, although he has lived and worked for many years overseas.


(BA programme in Government and International Affairs)

Security Issues in International Law; Cases in International Law; Political and Legal Theory; and, Origins of Norms in International Politics and Law.

Also: Contemporary Problems of International Economic Law on the MA programme in International Economic Law, Department of International Law; and the following short-course: Offshores and Trusts.


2012-2016: Head, School of Law, UCLan Cyprus
2010-2012: Head, Department of Law, University of Nicosia
2002-2010: Deputy Head, Department of Law, University of Nicosia
1999-2002: Head, Department of Law, University of Nicosia.


2009-2013: Research Associate, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University.
2007-2009. Visiting Fellow, Centre of International Studies, Cambridge University.
2006-2007: Honorary University Fellow, School of Law, University of Exeter.


2016-2020: External Examiner at the University of West London within the School of Law and Criminology.


2002-04: Executive Director, European Rim Policy & Investment Council (www.erpic.org).


«The Constitutional Development of Three Post-Conflict Transcaucasian Autonomies», Law Department, University of Keele, awarded 1999.

PhD awarded without the need to make any corrections/improvements/alterations.


(1) «Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. A Legal Appraisal», Kluwer Law International, December 2000, 314pp.

(2) «A Functional Cyprus Settlement. The Constitutional Dimension», Verlag Franz Philipp Rutzen (publisher), June 2007, 765pp.

(3) Chapter in text (Publisher: I. B. Tauris), «Reunifying Cyprus — The Annan Plan and Beyond», edited by Andrekos Varnava (University of Melbourne) and Hubert Faustmann (University of Nicosia). Chapter titled. «A Comparative Analysis of the Five Versions of the Annan Plan». March 2009.

(4) «Shaw’s Interpretation of International Law: Theoretical Reflections», with Alexander N. Vylegzhanin, Moscow Journal of International Law, 2017, No.4, pp.7-18

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(8) «Cyprus. Entering Another Stalemate?», Briefing Paper, Chatham House (www. chathamhouse. org. uk), November 2005.

(9) «Roman Law and the Legal World of the Romans by Andrew M. Riggsby», Cambridge Law Journal, Volume 71, Issue 2 (July 2012), pp.446-449.


January 2015 — September 2017: lead op-ed column in The Cyprus Weekly; writing 138 articles for the newspaper.

2001-14: wrote a total of 52 articles for the Cyprus, UK and international press.


Member of the Editorial Board of the Moscow Journal of International Law.


A recommended expert for the Council of Europe on minority rights (2001-2002).


January 2003 — April 2005: worked very closely behind-the-scenes with the senior leadership of all political parties in Cyprus, with the aim of facilitating efforts to finding a lasting settlement on the island.

Advanced Cases in International Law 
Poltical and Legal Theory
Origins of Norms in International Politics and Law
Security Issues in International Law