Ekaterina Romanova

Romanova Ekaterina

Associate Professor of History at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Her fields of interest are international relations history in 1815–1945, World War I, British foreign policy before 1945 and IR theory with a focus on the problems of international systems’ stability and transformation.

She is a graduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University and in 2000 received her PhD there.

In 2001–2002 she was a Fox International Fellow at Yale University.

She is the author of «Put’ k voine: Razvitie anglo-germanskogo konflikta, 1898–1914» («Road to war: Evolution of Anglo-German conflict in 1898–1914») (Moscow, 2008), chapters on international stability and the role of public opinion in foreign policy formation in «Osnovy obshhej teorii mezhdunarodnykh otnoshenij» ("Foundations of the General Theory of International Relations«)(Moscow, 2009), co-author of «Istoriya vneshnej politiki Velikobritanii» («History of British Foreign Policy») (Moscow, 2016), co-author and co-editor of «Pervaya mirovaya vojna i sud’by evropejskoj tsivilizatsii» («First World War and the Destiny of European Civilization») (Moscow, 2014). She has written over 40 scholarly articles.

Her courses include Modern History of Western Europe and America, IR history, British foreign policy (late XIX century — 1945), Origins of the First World War. She teaches courses on world history and IR history at MGIMO-University.

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