Aaron Sander

Sander Aaron

Aaron Sander holds a master’s degree in international affairs from Washington University in St. Louis, and a doctoral degree in international studies from Old Dominion University. While visiting at MGIMO, he is instructing courses on contemporary global issues, foreign policy analysis, as well as English language classes. His research interests include U.S. and Russian foreign policies, Eurasian relations, Central Eastern Europe and European integration.


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  • Sander and Tasawar Baig, «Deconstructing Global Fault Lines: Investigating Fissures of Globalization and the Clash Between Cultures,» Air and Space Power Journal — Africa and Francophonie (December 2014).
  • Sander, «Who Won the 2008 Caucasus Skirmish, Ramifications of the Russo-Georgian War» in Robert Potocki’s , et al, Caucasus Conflict in 2008 (Warsaw: European Centre for Geopolitical Analysis, 2012).
  • Sander, «The Enemy of my Enemy,» Russia Profile (August 21, 2007).
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Contemporary Global Issues

Foreign Policy Analysis