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Strezhneva Marina

Strezhneva Marina

Dr. Marina Strezhneva is Head of Sector at the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Moscow, and Professor of Integration Processes Department of MGIMO, where she teaches courses on EU and International Relations. Her academic interests include processes of decision-making and modes of governance, both in the European Union and at the global level.

Strezhneva has worked on political issues of European integration since the end of 1970s. Her research has led to both theoretical and practical advances in the study of the European Union’s polity, policy and global role. Her 1988 book, «Great Britain and Western Europe: Political Aspects» (in Russ.), analyzed the period before and after British accession to the Common Market. The 1999 book, «Social Culture and Regional Governance: Comparison of the European Union and Post-Soviet Experiences (in Eng.), addressed the problems of regional institutions’ building in comparative perspective. In «European Union: Architecture of Foreign Policy» (2016 in Russ.), Strezhneva and Rudenkova exposed specific modes of EU policy in the international arena. In «European Union in Global Economic Governance» (2017 in Russ.) Strezhneva and her IMEMO colleagues elaborated a synthetic concept of global governance, based on the organization theory and field theories.

Area Studies: Europe and Asia