Vladlena Tikhova

Tikhova Vladlena

Ph.D. in History
Mrs. Vladlena Tikhova graduated from MGIMO-University (Faculty of International Relations) in 2000. In 2006 she defended Ph.D. thesis in MGIMO-University (in History of International Relations and Foreign Policy) on «Formation of Common and Security Policy in the European Union (1992-2004)».

Vladlena Tikhova is Associate Professor at the Department of World and Russian History.
Courses taught by Vladlena Tikhova: Ethnic-Political History of Russia, State and Security modern Russia, Russian History, Russian History (in English).

The sphere of scientific interests of Vladlena Tikhova are History of Russia, ethnic-political history of Russia, national security of Russia, international relations, European Union.

The latest publications in history and international relations are Regulation of the Foreign Policy of the European Union: from Maastricht to Lisbon (Moscow, Law and Government in the XXIst century, 2015. — № 3 (36); Strategy of National Security of Russian Federation: main challenges and threats (Samara, 2016).

Russian History