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Tsibulina Anna

Tsibulina Anna

Associate Professor
Department of Integration Studies

Education: Ph.D in Economics, Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Specialist Degree with honors in International Monetary Relations, MGIMO University.
Anna Tsibulina joined the Department of European Integration (now Department of Integration Processes) in 2004 as a postgraduate student after graduating from the MGIMO University the same year and then in 2007 as a lecturer. 
She was on a research fellowship at the Chair of EU — Russia relations at the Catholic University of Leuven (Louvain-la Neuve, Belgium) in 2006–07 and also attended a number of training programmes on the activities of the EU at the College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium), the Academy of European Law (Trier, Germany) and the Vienna Diplomatic Academy (Vienna, Austria). She has published on developments in the euro area, economic transformation in the CEE countries, the EU Single Market.

Courses taught:

  • Integration processes in the Global World
  • EU-Russia Relations
  • Eurasian Integration
  • Financial and Energy Infrastructure of the World Economy
  • Economic Integration and External Economic Activity
  • Economy of the CEE countries

Research interests: Economic and Monetary Union, euro area, euro area economic governance, European Central Bank, monetary integration, economy of the CEE countries, the EU Single Market, global economic governance.
Her recent publications include:

2017 “Finance” co-authored with Strezhneva M. in European Union in Global Economic Governance, ed. by Strezhneva M., Moscow: IMEMO RAN. P.66-127 (in Russian)
2016 “Credit Rating Agencies in Global Economic Governance” in International Trends. Volume 14. No. 3 (46). July-September. P.143-150 (in Russian)
2015 “The Economic Component of the Ukrainian Crisis” in “The Ukrainian Challenge for Russia”,  Markedonov S.,  Gushin A. Working Paper №24/2015, Russian Council for Foreign Relations, P. 7-12. (in English and Russian)
2014 “Integration of Central and Eastern European and the Euro-Area Financial Markets: Repercussions from the Global Financial Crisis” co-authored with Orlowski L. T. in Comparative Economic Studies, No. 56 - P.376-395 (in English)

The Politics of International Monetary Integration