Anna Veretevskaya

Veretevskaya Anna

Assistant professor at the Comparative Politics Department of MGIMO-University (Moscow, Russia). She holds a Ph. D. (Cand. Polit. Sc.) in Political Sciences from MGIMO, a dual Masters degree in International Relations and International Business (Finance and Strategy) from MGIMO and Sciences Po, Paris and a BA in Political Science (Hons.) from MGIMO University.

She is a published author with her main scientific interest lying in the field of political integration of human societies, political evolution and world political dynamics. Her current research mainly focuses on the political integration of modern culturally spanerse societies.

Earlier in her career Ms. Veretevskaya held a managerial position at the Moscow State University Business School (as Head of the International Projects Office). Before taking up the assistant professor position at MGIMO, she taught at Russian State University of Humanities (RSUH). She collaborates with her colleagues from RSUH on a project basis.

Courses taught at MGIMO University: Basics of Political Science (in English), Political Science, History of Politics, Comparative Politics (English and Russian), Political Analysis and Forecasting, Modern Concepts of Science, Public Diplomacy, World Political Dynamics and Development Management.

Ms. Veretevskaya is a member of the Russian Political Science Association.

Languages: Russian, English, French, German, Italian.


Introduction to Political Science
Comparative Politics
Contemporary Russian Politics