Sergei Zelenev

Zelenev Sergei

Sergei Zelenev (MBA, PhD) is a Visiting Professor at MGIMO University.
His current position is the Executive Director of the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) and the Special Representative of ICSW to the UN.

Before assuming his position at the ICSW in 2012, Dr. Zelenev for almost three decades worked for the United Nations, both at Headquarters in New York and in the field, in Africa and in the Caribbean. His international career with the UN Secretariat involved a range of assignments, with progressively widening responsibilities, in the analytical and intergovernmental policy fields. He has written widely in the areas of socio-economic policy, ageing, youth and intergenerational relationships and directed numerous UN studies on key policy issues. He also participated in many international events, symposia and conferences, making key-note presentations on social issues of international significance.

Apart from the UN reports drafted by him, some of his recent publications include:
Book- Intergenerational Solidarity (together with M. Cruz Saco), Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
Articles: Civil society and national dialogue. International Social Work, 56(6), 2013
Intergovernmental cooperation on ageing issues. International Social Work, 57(6), 2014
Human dignity and social protection. International Social Work, 59(4), 2016.

Dr. Zelenev is a graduate of MGIMO University and New York University (NYU). He taught courses at Cornell University and NYU in the US, and has been teaching at MGIMO University since 2013.

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