Tatiana Zonova

Zonova Tatiana


  • Full Professor 1996
  • Doctor in Political Science 1995
  • Diplomatic rank 1st class counselor
  • Honorable Scholar of the Russian Federation

Current Position

  • Full professor at the Department of Diplomacy, Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO)
  • Professor at the Department of the History and Politics of Europe and America
  • Professor at the Department of the Theory and History of International Relations, People’s Friendship University

Prof. Zonova research interests include study of theory and history of diplomacy. She also conducts research in the areas of the European integration process, Russian foreign policy and Italian foreign and domestic policy.

Prof. Zonova is author of more than 200 works published in Russia and abroad.

Relevant affiliations/membership

  • Member of the Russian International Studies Association (RISA)
  • Member of the Expert Board of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC)
  • Member of the Association for the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Board
  • Member of the International Advisory Board of «The Hague Journal of Diplomacy»
  • Member of the Scientific Council of the «Rivista di Studi Politici Internazionali»
  • Member of the History of European Integration Editorial Review Board (Cologne-Stuttgart)

List of her publications in English:

  1. Russian post-Soviet Diplomacy. The SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy. Los Angeles — London: SAGE publications, 2016.
  2. The Consular Service in Russia: Past Problems, New Challenges // Consular Affairs and Diplomacy / J.Melissen, A.M.Fernandez (eds). Boston-Leiden: Brill, 2011.
  3. Cultural Diplomacy as a Soft Power Tool in the EU-Russia Relations. Rivista di studi politici internazionali. — 2013. — 80 fasc. 319, luglio-settembre.
  4. Diplomatic Theory of International Relations by P.Sharp. The Hague Journal of Diplomacy 7 (2012).
  5. Diplomatic Cultures: Comparing Russia and the West in Terms of a ‘Modern Model of Diplomacy’ / The Hague Journal of Diplomacy 2 (2007).
  6. Russian diplomacy: facing regional challenges // Kishan S.Rana and Jovan Kurbalija (eds) // Foreign Ministries: Managing Diplomatic Networks and Optimizing Value. 2007, Gèneve — Malta.
  7. Public diplomacy and its actors. RIAC. August 28, 2012
  8. Eternal Sunshine of the Holy See. RIAC. March 3, 2015
  9. T.Zonova, R.Reinhardt. Main Vectors of Russia’s Foreign Policy (1991-2014). Rivista di Studi Politici Internazionali. Vol. 81, n.4, settembre-dicembre 2014.
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History, Theory and Practice of Diplomacy