Anne Crowley-Vigneau

Crowley-Vigneau Anne

Dr Anne Crowley-Vigneau is Associate Professor of International Affairs. She holds a Cand. Sci. Degree in International Relations from MGIMO University, a PhD in Management from Henley Business School (University of Reading, UK) and a dual Master’s Degree from MGIMO and Sciences Po Paris. She lectures at the School of Government and International Affairs (‘Norms and Normative Governance in World Politics’, ‘Contemporary Global Issues’, ‘Academic Writing’). She also teaches at MGIMO’s Department of English No 1, works as an external faculty member of the University of Reading, is Country-Representative of Henley Business School’s Centre for Euro-Asian Studies, supervises PhD research and is an editor for the peer-reviewed journal ‘Polis’. Before 2014, she had a career in banking as a Project Manager then Head of Division at Societe Generale.

Dr Crowley-Vigneau’s areas of research interest include management, leadership, organizational behavior, international norms, the O&G industry, the higher education sector, lobbying and environmental policies. She has published the following selected works in refereed journals and edited peer-reviewed volumes:

  • Crowley-Vigneau, A., Kalyuzhnova, Y., & Ketenci, N. (2022). What motivates the ‘green’transition: Russian and European perspectives. Resources Policy, 103128
  • Crowley-Vigneau A. (2022) The national implementation of international norms: Transnational Expertise and Experience Networks and Local Content Policies. Euro-Asian Studies. Palgrave-Macmillan.
  • Crowley-Vigneau, A., Kalyuzhnova, Y., & Baykov, A. (2022). World-class universities in Russia: a contested norm and its implementation. Journal of Studies in International Education, 10283153221105322.
  • Heim, I., Vigneau, A. C., & Kalyuzhnova, Y. (2022). Environmental and socio-economic policies in oil and gas regions: triple bottom line approach. Regional Studies, 1-15.
  • Crowley-Vigneau A, Baykov A.A., Kalyuzhnova Y. Russian higher education under sanctions: a constructivist perspective. – Polis. Political Studies. (2022). No.4. P. 47-62.
  • Crowley-Vigneau A., Baykov A., Kalyuzhnova Y. (2022). Challenges to environmental policies in Russia: The case of APG flaring. Terra Economicus 20(2), 86–98. DOI: 10.18522/2073-6606-2022-20-2-86-98.
  • Crowley-Vigneau, A., Baykov, A.A., Kalyuzhnova, E. (2022). “That’ll Teach Them”: Investigating the Soft Power Conversion Model through the Case of Russian Higher Education. Vysshee obrazovanie v Rossii = Higher Education in Russia. Vol. 31, no. 1, pp. 120-140, doi:10.31992/0869- 3617-2022-31-1-120-140.
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  • Crowley-Vigneau, A., Baykov, A. (2020). Transnational Expertise and Experience Networks and Russia’s Environmental policies. Mezhdynarodnye Protsessy, Том 18, № 1 (60), сс. 106–118. DOI:
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