Camilla Pagani

Pagani Camilla

Dr. Camilla Pagani (PhD in Political Science, University Paris-Est-Créteil / University of Milan) teaches political theory at the MGIMO School of Government and International Affairs.

During her PhD, she was involved as research associate for two European research projects "EU FP 7": 1) MeLa – European Museums in an Age of Migrations, directed by Politecnico, Milan; 2) EuNaMus – European Museums. Identity Politics, the Uses of the Past and the European Citizen, directed by Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Alongside her PhD she worked on different international projects at UNESCO and at the Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac Museum in Paris.

Since October 2019 she has been a board member at Sciences Po Alumni.

Her research interests include contemporary political theory, identity politics, theory of security, international organizations and museum studies.



  • 2009 Genealogy of the Primitive. The Quai Branly Museum, Lévi-Strauss and the Ethnographical Writing. With an introduction by Carlo Sini, Mantova: Negretto Editore. (in Italian: Genealogia del Primitivo. Il musée du quai Branly, Lévi-Strauss e la scrittura etnografica).

Peer-reviewed articles

  • 2017 «Exposing the Predator, Recognising the Prey: New institutional strategies for a reflexive museology», ICOFOM Study Series, n. 45.
  • 2014 «Which Citizenship beyond the Nation-state? A debate on multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism», Outis. Rivista di filosofia (post)europea, pp. 277-286 (in French «Quelle citoyenneté au-delà de l’Etat-nation? Multiculturalisme et cosmopolitisme en débat»).
  • 2013 «Heterotopia, technique of estrangement. Places and shapes of the subject in Foucault and Lévi-Strauss», Noéma, Università degli studi di Milano, 4 (in Italian «Eterotopia, tecnica di straniamento. Luoghi e figure del soggetto in Foucault e Lévi-Strauss»).
  • 2013 «The „Indian Voice“ at Capitol: a political reading of the National Museum of the American Indian» (in Italian «La ‘voce indiana’ in Campidoglio: una lettura politica della fondazione del National Museum of the American Indian»). Passato e Presente. Rivista di storia contemporanea, Franco Angeli Edizioni, n. 89, pp. 82-101.

Book chapters

  • 2014 [with Felicity Bodenstein]. «Decolonizing National Museums of Ethnography in Europe: Exposing and Reshaping Colonial Heritage (2000-2012)». In The Post-colonial Museum. The Arts of Memory and the Pressures of History edited by I. Chambers et al., 39-49. London: Routledge.
  • 2013 «Lévi-Strausss at UNESCO. Sixty years in defence of cultural diversity». In Frammenti di Filosofia Contemporanea vol. II, edited by I. Pozzoni, 303-327. Milan: Gilgamesh/Limina Mentis. (in Italian: «Lévi-Strauss all’UNESCO. Sessant’anni per difendere la diversità delle culture»).
  • 2013 «Museums of Ethnography and Museums of Cultures in the 21st Century». In The Challenge for 21st Century European Museums: Setting the Framework edited by L. Basso Peressut, G. Postiglione & F. Lanz, 149-171. Milan: Politecnico — MeLa Book Series.