Student Ambassador: Yana Elbert

Student Ambassador: Yana Elbert

When applying to SGIA, I had neither a clear goal nor an understanding of what awaited me, except that getting into MGIMO was only half the battle. Completing the program indeed proved to be the other half. My only wish was to study in English, and SGIA provided that opportunity. I now work at an international investment firm, the vacancy I found on the MGIMO career website. 

And I can say that I have not regretted my choice of school one bit. Life is an incredible thing. Today you think you are going to be an astronaut, but tomorrow you become a lawyer instead. My plan was first to be a singer, then a diplomat, after that a market researcher, but as of now, I am a specialist in hedge funds, developing investment strategies for institutional investors. And in hindsight, that is not surprising. Although I majored in International Affairs, I was given an opportunity to study public policy, marketing, even cyber security--and engage in plenty of extracurricular activities. I remember taking part in a music concert and then rushing home to pack my suitcase because I was departing for Princeton University the next day to join a game exercise simulating a crisis on the Korean Peninsula. MGIMO is a place where you are taught to be versatile and alert to the newest trends and opportunities, a specialist not only in languages and your field of study but someone who loves and has a knack for challenges and learning something new. I am proud to be a MGIMO alumna and part of the SGIA family.

Let me know if you have questions related to my four years of student experience at MGIMO SGIA.

Telegram: @yana_elbert