Frequently asked questions

1) What subjects in my IB diploma do I need to have to be eligible for admission?

What makes you eligible is your IB diploma, there are no regulations as to the specific subjects that you have studied for IB.

2) What A level subjects do I need to study to be eligible for admission?

What matters is the number of your A levels (at least three) and the grades you receive (C or above). While social science is preferable, your subjects may be any.

3) What GCSE/iGCSE subjects do I need to study to be eligible for admission?

You just need to have passed five or more GCSE/iGCSE exams with grades of D or above.

4) I will be receiving my high school diplomas in August/September? May I apply?

Yes, you may apply and receive an admission offer. Your offer will be conditional on you providing your high school diploma in September.

5) Will I need to take any MGIMO tests as part of the admission process?

Yes, if you apply to the BA in Government, International Politics and Law, you will be given a take-home assignment to write an essay over three days on a given topic in World History and then complete a take-home test of English. If you apply to the BSc in International Business and Finance, you will be taking an online test in Mathematics and a take-home test of English. All tests will be scheduled only after your application is complete.

6) When should I expect my admission decision?

Once your application is complete, you will be given a range of entrance testing dates. Tests are conducted once a month starting from February. You may expect an admission decision approximately two weeks after the tests.

7) How do I enrol after I get my offer of admission?

You will need to accept your admission offer, sign a contract (no need to visit us in person for that), and make the payment for the first semester to be formally enrolled.

8) I am not a citizen of Russia. How soon will I get my Russian visa if I enrol?

You will get a visa invite («telex number») from MGIMO just in time to obtain your visa and arrive in Moscow at the end of August.

9) I am a citizen of Russia and another country. May I apply to join your school as a foreign national?

No, concealing your Russian citizenship is a fraudulent act, and you will be separated from the program the moment it comes to our attention that you applied and joined the program as a foreign national while holding a Russian passport.

10) What choice of languages to study will I have?

At the start of the program, you will have the choice of Russian (for non-Russian nationals), French, German, or Italian.

11) I studied (study) at high school in English. Do I still need to enclose my TOEFL / IELTS scores?

While those scores are desirable, the standard English test requirement may be waived for you.

12) I am a Russian national and I have an IB diploma / A levels. How do I apply to join the Double Degree MGIMO-Reading BA in Politics and International Relations?

Unless you have Russian and English languages and History in your IB diploma, you will generally need to take ЕГЭ in those subjects to qualify for admission to the Double Degree program. Please send us a message indicating that you look to join the Double Degree program as a Russian national holding a non-Russian high school diploma, and we shall see what can be done in your case.