Our third cohort — 29 students from 16 countries — has just graduated!

Our third cohort — 29 students from 16 countries — has just graduated!

July 8th, the third cohort of students of the School of Government and International Affairs attended with their parents their graduation ceremony. This year 29 students from 16 countries having completed their entire course of study in English received their Bachelor’s diplomas.

MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Graduate and International Programs Andrey Baykov awarded the students their diplomas and thanked them for choosing MGIMO. He congratulated them on joining the prestigious University Alumni Club and reminded them to stay in touch. The Vice-Rector also encouraged the students to help solve some of the growing socio-economic problems of world development.

The Director of the School of Government and International Affairs Mikhail Troitskiy expressed confidence that with the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies, the graduates of the program will be able to independently move along their career path. He also urged the students to constantly upgrade their skills, add new dimensions to their knowledge, in order to remain competitive in the rapidly evolving global market of professionals in international relations.

In response, several graduates related their memorable moments at MGIMO and expressed their thanks to the staff of the School of Government and International Affairs for their effective work and the friendly atmosphere which helped foreign students adapt to their new environment.

The School of Government and International Affairs has been operating since 2013, offering students undergraduate degree programs in international relations in English. During these six years, 49 students from 27 countries graduated from the main BA program. Most of the graduates decided to pursue their studies at master level at MGIMO and other leading universities while others found employment in the diplomatic service, corporations and non-governmental organizations.

In 2018, the School launched a dual BA program between MGIMO and the University of Reading (United Kingdom). In 2020, the first group of students of this program will go to the University of Reading to continue their studies for the 3rd and 4th years. Applications for the four-year undergraduate program in English can be submitted until July 15th, and for the dual degree program until July 26th. All details can be found on our website sgia.mgimo.ru.