SGIA in the MGIMO immersive project “Explore Russia”

SGIA in the MGIMO immersive project “Explore Russia”

SGIA BA-students are already fully immersed in their studies, completing one assignment after another. In the meantime, we invite you to reminisce about the fleeting and fascinating summer season of SGIA students.

From August 26th to 30th, nine international students of SGIA had the incredible opportunity to discover the Republic of Karelia in Russia’s northwest on a tour organised by MGIMO Department of Educational Work as part of the newly launched “Explore Russia” immersive project. Through excursions with local guides, our students discovered the region’s interesting history, culture and local life.

Upon arrival in the beautiful city of Petrozavodsk — the capital and most populous city of Karelia — students learned from a local guide about the historical significance and life in the city today. On a walking tour of the city’s long embankment that goes along Lake Onega (the second-largest lake in Europe), the participating students were shown sculptures gifted to Petrozavodsk by its sister cities from around the world. Beyond the city, students were introduced to the incredible natural beauty that Karelia is known for, as they visited the national park of Kivach famous for its waterfall by the same name.

On the second day, the participants visited the cultural heritage site of the Ruskeala mountain park, which serves as a monument to Karelia’s natural beauty and industrial history alike! Here they could view the park’s majestic marble quarry through thrilling activities such as zip lining! On the final day of the Karelia tour, our students explored the small town of Sortavala, located at the northern tip of Europe’s largest lake, the impressive Lake Ladoga, which is even inhabited by seals.

This trip to the multiethnic Republic of Karelia became the first of more to come as part of MGIMO’s “Explore Russia” immersive project, organised by Department of Educational Work, through which international students get to experience different regions of Russia and the country’s history, culture, natural beauty, and incredible diversity! The project was implemented as part of the MGIMO-“Priority 2030” programme.

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