4 February 2020 English-Medium Instruction at Reading University

Our faculty and administrators attend an intense training week on English-Medium Instruction at Reading University — a Strategic Partner of MGIMO. A broad variety of subjects were covered, including Making lectures comprehensible in EMI context; Writing for Research; Effective Questioning in Teaching and Learning; Micro-teaching; and Interactive teaching. Inaugurated in January 2020, this program will benefit SGIA teachers and counselors who are now required to live up to high benchmarks of a leading British university.
23 January 2020 New course

This coming Spring Semester we are launching a new course on "Current Trends in the Evolution Statecraft: Russian and US Approaches" developed jointly with the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at Georgia Institute of Technology. The best of MGIMO's own and invited foreign policy analysts will address the use of innovative groundbreaking technology and multi-domain action in pursuit of Russian and US foreign policy goals and the implications of the new approaches to statecraft for international security and bilateral US-Russia relations. Interested SGIA students should sign up by emailing the Dean's Office.
31 October 2019 MGIMO-Princeton University simulation game

SGIA students take part in the MGIMO-Princeton University simulation game modeling a crisis in and around Afghanistan. Twenty Princeton students and faculty visit Moscow for the game and discussions at MGIMO as well as a visit to the Russian MFA and sightseeing.
23 October 2019 75th anniversary of MGIMO

We happily celebrated the 75th anniversary of MGIMO at Bolshoi Theater on October 23rd. Watch the Raymonda ballet to relive our experience!
28 August 2019 Our freshman class is here

Our freshman class is here: 55 students who begin on September 2 in SGIA's three Bachelor programs receive a warm welcome from two university vice rectors and the SGIA dean
29 July 2019 SGIA Founding Dean Yan Vaslavskiy has been awarded certificates of appreciation by Russian Prime Minister Medvedev and Duma Chairman Volodin

SGIA Founding Dean Yan Vaslavskiy, currently the head of the research arm of Russia's lower house of parliament, the State Duma, has been awarded certificates of appreciation by Russian Prime Minister Medvedev and Duma Chairman Volodin