The MGIMO School of Government and International Affairs


Bachelor of Arts in Government and International Affairs

This MGIMO-based program combines core elements of liberal arts education with intense training in two foreign languages, aside from English, and a variety of courses covering international politics and security, law and diplomacy, trade and finance, negotiation and conflict resolution, public policy and corporate management.

Bachelor of Arts in Politics and International Relations

Students reside at MGIMO in Moscow for two years initial years and transition to Reading University in the UK for the two final years. Intensive teaching of the core social sciences curriculum in small groups at MGIMO is complemented with research-focused study and internships at Reading University as well as access to the UK labor market at the completion of the program.

Bachelor of Arts in Global Politics

Includes three years of study at MIUC at Marbella in Spain and a final year at MGIMO in Moscow. Students benefit from the exclusive infrastructure and personalized curricula delivered by the MGIMO and international faculty at Marbella. They return to Moscow for their final year and comprehensive examination.