Double Degree Program delivered by MGIMO and University of Reading, UK

Our unique Double Degree BA with Reading University is designed for those looking to expand their worldview by splitting their study time between two countries — Russia and the United Kingdom. Having spent the first two years of the program at the MGIMO School of Government and International Affairs in Moscow, qualified students move on to continue coursework at Reading. Reading University’s state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly campus is located within 40 minutes by train or bus from central London or Heathrow International Airport.

Our Double Degree program is unique for combining the best of the Russian and British teaching and studying traditions and providing students with access to both the UK and Russian job markets at the completion of the program. The MGIMO part of the curriculum includes lectures and seminars in social sciences and humanities — history and philosophy, sociology and economics, political science and international relations. Students are also trained in academic skills and creative writing. The core parts of the Moscow curriculum are delivered by native English speakers with advanced degrees in politics and linguistics from leading universities across the globe. At Reading University, students follow the curriculum of BA Program in Politics and International Relations (L258). More information about MGIMO's partnership with Reading University can be found at http://www.reading.ac.uk/spirs/our-partnerships/spir-MGIMO-double-degree.aspx.

Students are expected qualitatively to improve their English-language skills and achieve proficiency in one more foreign language over their two years at MGIMO. Embedded in the first year of the curriculum is the International Foundation Program (IFP) administered by MGIMO and recognized by Reading University. International students seeking to enroll in undergraduate programs at British universities need to complete an IFP as a pre-requisite for enrolment.

Over their two years at Reading University — one of Britain’s leading schools of politics — our Double Degree students go through advanced courses in comparative politics, foreign policy analysis, contemporary global issues — with a strong emphasis on research and writing. Upon final examination and defense of a BA thesis, students are awarded two Bachelor diplomas — by MGIMO and by Reading University.