Bachelor of Arts in Government, International Politics and Law

Curriculum Applying About


Location Main MGIMO Campus in Moscow, 76 Vernadskogo

Duration 4 years

ECTS 240

Tuition 728,000 rubles per academic year

Programmatic Focus

  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • International Economics and Finance
  • History of World Politics
  • Law of International Treaties
  • Private International Law
  • Mathematics, Statistic, and Data Science for IR Scholars

Eligibility: IB, A level, other international high school diplomas
Deadline: July 15

Faculty Leading Marbella- and Moscow-based scholars, policy analysts, entrepreneurs with unique international teaching and practical experience


  • Staff members at international organizations
  • Journalists and writers
  • Political analysts and consultants
  • Public servants

Unique selling points

  • Globally competitive mix of backgrounds in international conflict resolution and political economy
  • Training in advance techniques of research and academic writing
  • Exclusive training in two foreign languages aside from English
  • Small and diverse group of students

Taught at MGIMO in Moscow over four years, this program offers a unique multidisciplinary curriculum that covers the most important approaches to understanding the social and political phenomena around us and develops analytical and practical skills essential for success in a broad variety of jobs and career trajectories.

The key distinguishing feature of the program is the combination of international politics and law as major fields of in-depth study. In addition to a broad range of subjects in world history, contemporary global issues, international security, conflict resolution, negotiation, decision making psychology, the impact on technology on international relations and others, students take up to 10 legal disciplines, starting from political and legal theory and proceeding to comparative constitutional law, financial law, international public and private law. Program curriculum also includes plenty of case studies in contemporary international legal issues.

Our tested mix of politics and law equips students with state-of-the-art toolkit allowing them not only to practice diplomacy on behalf of governments or international organizations, but also to consult businesses and non-profits on the international legal context of their operations. Expertise gained in our program includes responding to the risks of sanctions and charting mediation strategies to resolve transnational conflicts involving private companies and government bodies.

For international students, the program is designed as a gateway to Russian politics, culture, and business. Yet its aperture is broad enough, so that almost no pressing global issue is left out of focus. We train our international students to proficiency in the Russian language and at the same time work hard to develop their soft skills, such as leadership and entrepreneurship.

Indeed, our program stands out for its intensive language training — students are expected to reach B2/C1 proficiency levels in at least one foreign language aside from English — and for the access that students enjoy to the Russian and international decision makers at MGIMO — Russia’s main venue for academic and policy discussion of international relations.

Program’s faculty — MGIMO’s own leading teachers, other top-notch Moscow-based experts, and visiting professors — hold advanced degrees from renowned universities and have significant international exposure. Our faculty members are best positioned to deliver conceptual insights into and cutting-edge analysis of a whole gamut of issues — from conflicts in Eurasia to climate change and from decision making psychology to negotiation and conflict resolution.

The main admission requirement for this program is fluency in the English language (C1/C2) that allows comfortably to study sophisticated subject matter in English from day one. We therefore consider high school education in English, such as International Baccalaureate (IB) or A levels, as a prerequisite. Prospective students holding Russian high school diplomas are invited to apply to the Double Degree MGIMO — Reading University BA Program in Politics and International Relations.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador: Ekaterina Chabykina
Student Ambassador: Ekaterina Chabykina

When I first heard the word MGIMO, I pictured myself working as a diplomat at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, speaking fluently at least two languages. If you attracted by such a career, you should definitely consider choosing Government, International Politics and Law for your undergraduate degree. Even if you are not sure what kind of path will look exciting to you by the time you graduate, but you enjoy open debate, non-conventional perspectives on everything and you love to wear a suit (just kidding), MGIMO will definitely help you to grow as a person and discover new professional strengths and inclinations.

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Student Ambassador: Yana Elbert
Student Ambassador: Yana Elbert

When applying to SGIA, I had neither a clear goal nor an understanding of what awaited me, except that getting into MGIMO was only half the battle. Completing the program indeed proved to be the other half. My only wish was to study in English, and SGIA provided that opportunity. I now work at an international investment firm, the vacancy I found on the MGIMO career website. 

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Alumni Speak

Richard Cop

Richard Cop | Slovakia
Class of 2019

I decided to apply to MGIMO due to first-hand knowledge I had from a friend of mine who was studying at the University at the time. I found the University fascinating and realized that getting accepted to such an institution would provide me with a lot of possibilities, career-wise, and on top of that, I would be able to establish international relationships, due to high concentration of foreign students at SGIA.

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Yana Chikvashvili

Yana Chikvashvili | Israel / Russia
Class of 2019

MGIMO is considered to be one of the best universities in Russia especially for International Relations that I have always been excited about. I had studied in English at the British International School in Moscow, so I was looking for a Bachelor program that would also be taught in English. I also knew I wanted to stay in Moscow for my Bachelors, and SGIA was one of the very few highly reputed educational institutions offering social sciences degrees taught fully in English. The choice was limited, but at SGIA I found exactly what I wanted, given my interest in social sciences and languages.

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Ekaterina Chabykina

Ekaterina Chabykina | Russia
Class of 2019

It was a completely new experience. Before enrolling in SGIA I attended a high school in Canada and spent a few years at a university where we only had 15 hours of classes per week. When I arrived at MGIMO, I was almost shocked — especially during the first year. We were so busy, with so many classes, including languages, that I thought I wouldn’t survive. Then I realized that a broad variety of courses actually help you to broaden your worldview, look at the world from different angles. It was a good experience; tough, but very useful.

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Alina Polyakova

Alina Polyakova | Russia
Class of 2019

SGIA is an innovative attempt at an integrated English-medium study program for Russian-speaking and non-Russian-speaking students alike.

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Benjamin Pegon

Benjamin Pegon | France / the United Kingdom
Class of 2019

Russia is a country I enjoy being in, but it is easy to get lost at first as few people speak English. However, when I did travel, I absolutely loved it! You don’t always need to travel far to get new experiences, as Moscow is absolutely massive! There is always something interesting going on in Moscow, and it feels like the capital of Eurasia, not just the capital of Russia. Every time I come back to the city, I feel like I have the time of my life.

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Felix Portier

Felix Portier | Switzerland / Chile
Class of 2019

A very interesting aspect of studying in MGIMO is that it has partnerships with many of the best universities in the world, so you can apply for an exchange semester or do a double degree in Paris, Rome, the USA etc. Last but not least, MGIMO also has excellence in language teaching, and in fact it holds the Guinness world record for the number of languages taught in a university: 53!

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Vitalija Kuprenaite

Vitalija Kuprenaite | Sweden
Class of 2018

I absolutely loved it. It was a good four years. It was rich in new knowledge and left me with unforgettable memories of student life and dorm life. The SGIA curriculum covered a lot of diverse subject matter. As for me, it sparked my attraction towards criminal law.

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Mariana Corea

Mariana Corea | Nicaragua
Class of 2017

They advertised what was truly available. Student support was certainly great, they arranged various seminars, workshops and so on. The university is really up for supporting the students, ultimately it is down to each individual to reach their goals but all the tools were there. Meaning that if a student truly wants to achieve something, they have such an opportunity to do so, thanks to the resources that are available in the university. The dean’s office was very supportive and also impartial in advising us if we had any academic issue. I felt that the students were always the priority.

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Felix Porret

Felix Porret | France
Class of 2018

The SGIA course completely met my expectations, I found it quite deep and comprehensive. The main advantage of this type of course is its multi-disciplinary nature that allows you to choose a follow-on Master’s program from a wide variety of options based on your knowledge of International Relations. The fact that you are studying with students from different countries and with varied backgrounds is also a plus: it helps you to understand and see things from a different angle and to build and maintain a very interesting international network.

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Boian Venev

Boian Venev | Bulgaria
Class of 2018

MGIMO did meet my expectations. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of international students. The course of study was very diverse and engaging. In addition, I got the chance to live in Moscow and travel a lot around Russia.

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Jin Sun Park

Jin Sun Park | South Korea
Class of 2018

MGIMO provided me with a strong background in international affairs. It also allowed me to meet with inspiring Russian and international experts, interact with students from various countries, and understand Russia and its position on key international issues and trends.

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Christian Wollny

Christian Wollny | Germany / USA
Class of 2018

I would argue that what I learned outside of the lecture hall was more important than what I learned inside. MGIMO and SGIA have a lot to offer to the interested and engaged students who look beyond just passing time in the classroom. SGIA gives you the opportunity to meet some interesting and/or famous people and travel around the world, experiencing firsthand what it means to be a diplomat. Come my third year, I had no real idea what I wanted to do after graduation.

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