BSc in International Business and Finance is taught over four years on MGIMO's main Vernadskogo campus in the center of one of Moscow's most upscale neighborhoods. The program combines three key components that complement one another to form a financial analyst with a strong background in corporate management and assessment of geopolitical risk. First, we equip our students with advanced knowledge of modern economic concepts and theories, while training them to proficiency in calculus and linear algebra, probability theory and statistics, econometrics and data analysis. Second, our students will learn how companies actually function in the national and global economy. Finally, we are offering an array of trademark MGIMO disciplines looking at International Relations from political angles: International Relations History and International Security, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, International Law and International Economic Relations, Contemporary Global Issues and Technology in Modern Statecraft. On top of that, our students receive training to proficiency (C1) in one or two foreign languages. Our graduates will have the necessary knowledge and skills to compete for positions in the corporate sector as both analysts and managers, in government regulatory bodies, consultancies, non-profit organizations, international intergovernmental institutions, etc. Graduate professional training at the world's leading universities and business schools will remain a distinct option for our graduates. They will also be well-prepared for further advanced study towards doctorates / PhD in Economics and Finance in top programs globally.

The 2021 inaugural discounted tuition fees are (per academic year) 720,000 rubles for Russian nationals and 9,200 euros for non-Russian nationals.

Please review our core curriculum here.